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The evolving landscape of retail technology: A fireside chat

COVID-19 acted as a catalyst for digital transformation across multiple industries, with McKinsey citing that the world saw two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months. A retailer’s e-commerce channel suddenly become critical as stores across the world faced temporary or permanent closures. Surprisingly, how retailers manage and handle payments has not largely changed, with many decisively stuck 20 years in the past. To ultimately transform, retailers need flexible, scalable, and customizable payment infrastructure.

The future of technology is in the cloud. Retailers need a payment and hosting platform that works both today and wherever digital commerce takes them in the future. Shopping carts are going headless and cloud-based, as is stock control, shipping and even warehousing solutions. In the not too distant future, retailers won’t own a single server. To take on digital transformation, retailers need to choose a platform that works now, will work with their infrastructure in the future, and functions wherever and however it’s deployed.

In this fireside chat, Martin Newman, retail expert and founder of The Consumer First Group, joins John Lunn, Founder and CEO of cloud-native payment orchestration platform, Gr4vy, and Osvaldo Spadano, Founder and CEO of hosting provider, Akoova, to discuss:

  • Innovation and development in retail technology
  • The impact increased consumer choice has had on merchants
  • Gen Z and their preferences for payments
  • ‘The Great Resignation’ and talent shortages in the industry
  • How retailers should be future-proofing their operations from a technology perspective

Watch their discussion in full, and check out why companies like ELEVEN Sports have chosen to partner with Gr4vy in this case study.

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