Payment Orchestration

Increase conversion and drive profitability while offering a personalized payment experience to every customer. By routing any transaction to your PSP of choice, Gr4vy helps you reduce fraud and chargebacks, optimize processing fees, reduce transaction costs, restrict the sale of prohibited goods, and more.


Control every part of
a transaction lifecycle.

Personalize every checkout experience.

Use real time purchase data and shopping history to determine which payment options work best for each customer. With Gr4vy Flow, our no-code rules engine, you can create dynamic filters based on variables such as country, cart, currency value, or your own custom metadata.

Route anywhere
you choose.

Easily build workflows for optimal approval rates and transaction cost. Route card payments to any payments processor based on card type, bin ranges, amount, or other custom metadata you provide, securing an unlimited number of combination choices for customizing your checkout. Prevent any failed payment by dynamically creating retry rules and timeout controls for each payment provider without writing any code.

Set your own rules.

Choose to use risk providers, control 3DS, and set custom rules during the transaction lifecycle. Gr4vy gives you the power to decline transactions early, and decide when to trigger anti-fraud services to prevent chargebacks, fraud, and unnecessary costs.

Update instantly, and effortlessly.

Make changes to your live payment workflows with no downtime or engineering. Instantly add, test, and deploy new payment methods and create dynamic workflows that are directly deployed into your checkout experience, without writing code. Choose from Gr4vy’s ever-growing connections library of over 100+ unique payment methods.

shield showing a payment vault that is pci certified


Cloud Vault

Gr4vy’s centralized vault gives you the freedom to move around and work with multiple payment providers while allowing you to securely and intelligently collect and store card data, simplifying the burden of PCI compliance.

Account updater
Ensures your payment data and tokens are always up to date so you never miss a payment.

Simplifying Network Tokenization
Centralize the storage of your network tokens and use them interoperably between PSPs. Gr4vy automatically selects the right card data, PSP token, or network token to use with each payment service.

Tokenization of recurring APMs
Gr4vy supports the tokenization of any Alternative Payment Methods that support recurring payments.

Streamline data portability
Full flexibility to export your data as a PSP token, Network Token or Card Push.


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“I'm excited about our partnership with Gr4vy and what it will bring to our merchants' customer payments experiences.”
Paul Monnington / Managing Director, WPay


“Gr4vy gives us the ability to easily scale, handle global payment complexities, and have support with PCI compliance and security elements.”
Ger Lawlor / Product Manager, Aró Digital Strategy