Gr4vy wins ‘Best Fintech Cloud Payments Solutions Company’

Gr4vy’s cloud-native payment orchestration platform has been awarded ‘Best Fintech Cloud Payments Solutions Company‘ at this year’s Fintech Awards, by Wealth and Finance International. Now in its sixth year, the awards recognize leadership and innovation in the fintech industry worldwide.

Gr4vy was selected for its benefits and features that make its platform unique. Gr4vy’s infrastructure takes the complexity out of building and managing payment ecosystems, allowing merchants to customize and optimize all their payments through one simple, universal integration.

Gr4vy’s IaaS platform offers merchants future-proofed payment infrastructure designed to grow with their business so they never lose a transaction. With Gr4vy’s IaaS platform, merchants get cloud architecture, single tenancy (no commingling of data), data localization (can spin up an instance or edge instance anywhere in the world), reduced latency and failover redundancy.

  • Payment orchestration: Gr4vy offers each customer a personalized payment method at checkout and ensures each payment is routed to its optimal service provider every time. With Gr4vy, merchants can control every part of a transaction lifecycle to help reduce fraud and chargebacks, optimize processing fees, and more. Gr4vy supports 100+ unique payment methods and is constantly adding new connections to its portfolio. 
  • Customized workflows: Gr4vy’s No-code Workflow Engine allows merchants to build workflows that optimize transaction routing based on country, currency and time of day and create workflows to reroute transactions due to downtime. Merchants can also design workflows to offer specific payment methods based on the day of the week, time of day, or location, and Gr4vy will automatically reflect these inputs in the checkout experience.
  • Vaulting & tokenization: Gr4vy’s centralized vault gives merchants the freedom to move around and work with multiple payment providers while allowing them to securely and intelligently collect and store card data, simplifying the burden of PCI DSS compliance. Gr4vy supports tokenization and storage of all recurrent APMs. Gr4vy’s network tokenization solution centralizes the storage of network tokens allowing merchants to use them interoperably between PSPs. With the Gr4vy Vault, they can enable one-click checkout experiences, collect and store card data and use network tokens to tokenize transactions.
  • A white-label solution: Gr4vy offers architecture that enables third parties to provide orchestration to their clients invisibly. As a result, merchants gain payment infrastructure and orchestration through Gr4y’s platform to manage all their payment needs.

To find out more about Gr4vy’s cloud-native IaaS payment orchestration platform, check out our guide to payment orchestration, or explore the platform. If you’re looking to integrate with an award-winning payment orchestration platform trusted by brands across the world, get in touch with the Gr4vy team.