Payment Optimization

Get better pricing for your payments through least-cost routing while securing platform reliability. With Gr4vy, you can ensure optimal pricing and increased approval rates on a transaction level.


Take charge of your payment strategy. Accept multiple payment methods, work with many payment providers, and design your own workflows while optimizing each transaction.

More successful payments

Gr4vy’s smart routing sends each transaction to its optimal endpoint. With Flow, our no-code rules engine, you can build workflows and establish rules to route each transaction for the best approval rates and transaction costs. Flow also lets you take advantage of new debit card rules by detecting co-branded cards and sending the transactions through the optimal route.

Let customers pay how they like.

With Gr4vy Flow, you can create rules and dynamic filters to offer every customer their preferred payment method based on variables such as country, shopping cart, currency, value, or custom metadata you provide.

Take the best payment route.

Route cards, wallets, and other payment methods to different PSPs and establish failover routing in case of downtime. You can also set up retry logic to prevent failed payments. All these rules and timeout controls can be created dynamically for each PSP—without writing code.

Better payments, more revenue

Offering customers preferred local payment methods can increase conversion. But specific forms of payment can save you money. With Gr4vy, you can offer a bespoke payment experience for each unique shopper based on their payment preferences or shopping history—while optimizing your transaction costs.


Gr4vy’s no-code rules engine, Flow, lets you orchestrate and optimize your backend and frontend payments workflow. Reduce fraud, chargebacks, processing fees, and the overall cost of transactions—all without needing engineering support.


Optimize your payments today


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“I'm excited about our partnership with Gr4vy and what it will bring to our merchants' customer payments experiences.”
Paul Monnington / Managing Director, WPay


“Gr4vy gives us the ability to easily scale, handle global payment complexities, and have support with PCI compliance and security elements.”
Ger Lawlor / Product Manager, Aró Digital Strategy