Gr4vy wins ‘Best Cloud Payments Solution’ at The PayTech Awards

Gr4vy’s cloud-native payment orchestration platform has been awarded ‘Best Cloud Payments Solution’ at this year’s PayTech Awards. Now in its fifth year, Fintech Futures’ PayTech Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in the use of IT in the finance and payment industry worldwide, and winners are selected by a panel of judges from across the industry.

Gr4vy was selected for its role in helping merchants to overcome the challenges that come with international expansion and the need to build an increasingly complex payment infrastructure. Merchants of all sizes responding to the explosive growth of various payment methods and processors has led to technical debt, inflexibility, regulatory difficulty, and ultimately limits a merchant’s ability to serve customers as they scale.

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Gr4vy’s infrastructure gives merchants the ability to expand and control their payment stack from anywhere through a single Universal API. The platform’s single-tenant cloud infrastructure also reduces points of failure to ensure that a merchant never loses a transaction, and can also spin up an Edge to any instance and deploy it where needed, regardless of location, to help merchants meet regional data privacy and protection regulations.

Designed with advanced capabilities and benefits, Gr4vy’s service agnostic and universal capabilities across PCI-level 1 payment credential vaulting, 3D Secure, tokenization, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more ensures that merchants always have the flexibility they need across their payments stack.

Unlike other POPs, Gr4vy makes it easy to move between service providers seamlessly with just a few clicks. And Gr4vy’s no-code infrastructure enables merchants to orchestrate payments and risk management services across multiple providers — making it easy to deploy, test and learn what services work best for their business and scale.

For an overview of Gr4vy’s platform, watch this short video, or explore the platform features and get in touch with a member of our team to learn more.

To discover more about Gr4vy’s background and why a cloud-first platform is important to consider, watch the fireside chat between Gr4vy Founder and CEO, John Lunn, and retail industry expert and founder of The Consumer First Group, Martin Newman.

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