Gr4vy is at Fintech Meetup Las Vegas

Gr4vy will be speaking at Fintech Meetup 2023

Gr4vy is at Fintech Meetup in March 2023. CEO and Founder of Gr4vy, John Lunn, will be speaking about overcoming key hurdles with payment orchestration, and the trends that will shape payments and e-commerce in the coming years.

The session will cover:

  • The top ways that consumer expectations are evolving for merchants
  • How payment orchestration can help merchants to scale internationally and meet those expectations
  • The payments trends in the near future that will shape e-commerce

With over 20 years of experience working and investing in financial services, commerce enablement, e-payments, data, security and infrastructure, John will be bringing in his expertise around how cloud-native payment orchestration can enable merchants to future-proof their payment stacks.

If you’re an e-commerce merchant and would like to discover more about how payment orchestration can help you to scale internationally and reach new customers, check out the Gr4vy platform or view our latest news and views on our blog. If you’re a merchant or a vendor interested in partnering with Gr4vy, and attending Fintech Meetup this year, get in touch with our team.