pci compliance

Gr4vy successfully completes PCI 1 Certification for added security

PCI Level 1 certification ensures merchants can securely store customer payment details in Gr4vy’s Vault

Gr4vy has announced its successful completion of PCI Level 1 certification, which ensures that partner companies store, transmit or process payment data to the highest security standards. Gr4vy’s PCI Level 1 compliant status results from undergoing a rigorous annual assessment with a qualified security advisor and an extensive self-assessment questionnaire, while meeting a set of established rules laid forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The certification establishes that Gr4vy has met the highest level of payment account data security and ensures merchants that utilize the cloud-native payment orchestration platform (POP) can be confident that their customer’s payment details are securely stored and protected within Gr4vy’s Vault.

“Given today’s current climate of data breaches and stolen financial details, security is of the utmost concern for merchants and their customers,” said John Lunn, founder and CEO of Gr4vy. “With the completion of this certification, we affirm that our cloud-native platform and PCI1 Certified Vault adheres to the highest level of security and data privacy. PCI standards ensure that merchants and their customers never have to worry about storing sensitive payment details or compromised data. We are firmly committed to maintaining PCI1 compliance and are proud to have achieved this certification.”

Gr4vy’s PCI1 Certified Vault is part of the company’s innovative cloud-native POP that acts as a conduit between merchants’ e-commerce sites and payment providers, and makes merchants’ payments stacks more nimble. Gr4vy offers Instances, which gives merchants individualized infrastructure in the Cloud, delivering the highest level of flexibility to manage payments and scale. Through Gr4vy’s POP, merchants can deploy across the globe and even on the Edge to ensure their customers always have the payment solutions and options they need regardless of location. Centralized reporting, monitoring and management mean all parts of a merchant’s business benefit from a single streamlined system.

Benefits and Features of Gr4vy’s Vault:

  • Gr4vy’s PCI1 Certified Vault allows merchants to move fluidly across their current and future payment service providers, storing and securing customer payment details in Gr4vy’s Vault.
  • The vault belongs to the merchant and prevents them from being locked into a single solution provider, at the same time allowing Gr4vy to create a one-click checkout experience.
  • With Gr4vy’s PCI1 Vault, merchants can endlessly switch their payment service providers (PSPs) without concern over whether or not their customer payment details will transfer seamlessly.

“As we set out to build our cloud-native POP, we recognized the need to provide merchants with the assurance and flexibility to store vital payment details,” said Ali Minaei, co-founder and CTO of Gr4vy. “With this certification, we have positioned Gr4vy as a leading payments orchestration platform within the industry and will continue to offer the security, features, and benefits merchants need to run their business. By using Gr4vy, merchants of all sizes no longer need to worry about being PCI Certified to accept online payments as Gr4vy takes that complexity away from the merchants.”

For more information, please visit gr4vy.com