Aró Digital Strategy selects Gr4vy as its orchestration platform

Discover why luxury hotel digital platform, Aró Digital Strategy, selected Gr4vy as its payment orchestration platform for its conversion-optimized booking engine.

Aró Digital Strategy is a creative web design, software development, and digital marketing agency operating in the luxury hotel space, servicing 4- and 5-star hotels across the world.

It provides its 300+ clients with a wealth of services but works with Gr4vy on its conversion-optimized booking engine, designed to work across multiple platforms with seamless integration, allowing independent hotels to access up-sell features, gift vouchers, urgency messaging, discount codes, payment options, and an easy 4-step booking process, among other features.

“Aró Digital Strategy operates in the luxury hotel space, servicing 4- and 5-star hotels across the world. Before working with Gr4vy, our payments team was facing huge resource constraints around deploying and maintaining payment integrations. One of the main unique selling points in our selection of Gr4vy’s platform was the ability to easily scale, handle global payment complexities, and have support with PCI compliance and security elements – all while having access to a team of experts that we can lean on for consultative support.”

— Ger Lawlor, Product Manager at Aró Digital Strategy

The Challenge

As with any fast-scaling business, Aró Digital Strategy was facing challenges with its internal resources – particularly with its payments team and the deployment and maintenance of payment integrations. As its client base is international luxury hotel groups, it needed to be able to act fast to ever-evolving individual hotel groups’ needs and assist them in their own growth.

This meant having the ability to implement and manage multiple payment methods across multiple markets and in multiple currencies quickly. Due to each hotel group having its own individual desired capabilities, Aró being locked into one payment services provider (PSP) would limit its ability to serve its clients, and managing multiple PSPs that its clients were satisfied with would be a significant ongoing time and cost investment.

Aró Digital Strategy needed a payment orchestration platform (POP) that would give it access to multiple payment partners through one integration and be able to offer the flexibility and agility both Aró and its clients needed to continue scaling. Following a successful proof-of-concept, Aró Digital Strategy selected Gr4vy as its POP for its booking engine offering.

The travel industry in numbers

After spending more time at home than ever before in the last few years, the economy has been shifting towards an experience-based market, and as a result, many people are changing the way they prioritise and spend their money. With supply chain issues impacting the physical goods retail industry, travel and tourism has been an industry that consumers with disposable income are increasingly turning back towards.

  • $855 billion
    Revenue the travel and tourism market is projected to reach in 2023

  • $1,016 billion
    The projected market volume by 2026
  • 8.46%
    The projected CAGR for 2022-2026
  • $409 billion
    The projected market volume of hotels specifically in 2023
  • 74%
    The total revenue generated through online sales by 2026
  • 1.3 billion
    The number of users, in the hotel sector, is expected to reach by 2027
  • 5.73 million
    Package holidays users by 2027

The Solution

Through Gr4vy’s cloud-native Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) payment orchestration platform, Aró Digital Strategy is able to handle global payment complexities and access to multiple providers across the world with no additional coding required, all while remaining PCI compliant.

Aró Digital Strategy and Gr4vy began a proof-of-concept, and Gr4vy’s payments team were able to consult and implement a payment service provider for one of Aró’s hotel groups in reduced timelines, enabling the hotel to switch to a new PSP that better fit their needs, without impacting trading, and without Aró having to hire or reassign software developers.

Gr4vy product features

  • Cloud-native infrastructure – Move payments to our Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform and eliminate the risk of a single point of failure with bespoke resilience and regional cloud instances.
  • Maximize conversion – Our no-code workflow engine optimizes approval rates and lets you customize payment flows with automated failover rules for personalized checkout experiences.
  • Single integration – Access unlimited payment providers, 100+ payment methods, and global anti-fraud providers through one low-code integration, with options for embedded checkout, hosted secure fields, API, or e-commerce platform plugins.
  • PSP agnostic – Avoid vendor lock-in by working with multiple payment providers through our agnostic vault, with centralized PCI DSS Level 1 certification for secure data collection, storage, and transaction tokenization across multiple PSPs.
  • Reduce risk – Manage fraud, trigger risk services, and decline high-risk transactions to avoid unnecessary costs, with options to use anti-fraud providers, control 3DS, and set custom rules throughout the transaction lifecycle.

Gr4vy’s no-code payment orchestration layer seamlessly enables merchants to deploy, manage, customize and optimize the right payment method for the specific user. The company offers merchants dedicated instances of Gr4vy in the cloud, preventing shared infrastructure or server loads. Merchants can get multiple dedicated instances of Gr4vy to reduce points of failure.

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