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Your payments team in the cloud

Our cloud-native payment orchestration platform replaces the infrastructure powering your payments, offering you more control and flexibility over how you build your business. With Gr4vy, you no longer have to choose between offering new payment methods and the resources it takes to implement them.

A conduit between shopping carts and payment providers.

Gr4vy's orchestration layer upgrades your payments stack to make your infrastructure more nimble. Add payment providers, create workflows and tweak payment routing conditions—all without the need for complex coding.

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Cloud Orchestration

Why cloud orchestration?

Unlike other payment orchestration platforms, Gr4vy is an infrastructure-first solution. We spin up individual cloud Instances for your organization, giving you the highest level of flexibility for managing your payments stack as you scale. Plus, we remove the risks caused by a single point of failure or a shared infrastructure.

Gr4vy’s Instances can be deployed across geographies, putting Edges near your customers. The result? Fewer abandoned shopping carts, lost payments and stronger compliance with local regulations.

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Only Gr4vy offers a win-win-win-win in payments

Gr4vy takes the hassle out of building and managing your payment system, accelerating your business towards what matters most.

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Features & Benefits

Payment orchestration that’s built to benefit real businesses.

Meet the Minds Behind Gr4vy

Led by PayPal veterans and payments experts John Lunn, Ali Minaei, and Cristiano Betta, the Gr4vy team know the hurdles and roadblocks within payment infrastructure and have tested the limits firsthand. Our engineers built Gr4vy to help businesses big and small bypass those complexities with a smarter, more modern solution.

Backers & Supporters

Investors, advocates and believers in a better way to handle payments.

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