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Version: Beta



Adyen provides a self-service sign-up for a sandbox account. To sign-up for an account visit the sign-up page and fill in the details.


When setting up Adyen in the Gr4vy Dashboard, you will need to configure the following credentials, which are obtained from Adyen:


The Adyen API key is obtained from the Adyen Admin Portal under the Developers -> API Credentials heading.

Adyen API Key

Merchant Account

The Adyen Merchant Account can be found in the Adyen Admin Portal under the Account -> Merchant accounts heading.

Adyen Merchant Account

Live endpoint prefix (conditional)

The live endpoint prefix is required for live Adyen transactions. The prefix is a combination of the random and company name from the live endpoint.

For example, if your live URL is then the live URL prefix would be 1797a841fbb37ca7-AdyenDemo.

See Live URL prefix for more details.