Features & Components

Make your payment stack more powerful with Gr4vy.

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Payment Methods

Give your customers the payment options they prefer.

Gr4vy gives you the power to easily connect, test and deploy processors, alternative payment methods, and services in a few clicks.


Individualize your checkout experience without rewriting code.

Integrate Gr4vy Embed into your existing checkout experience to automatically update your checkout page and reflect specific payment methods without rewriting code.


Optimize every payment experience.

Gr4vy’s No-code Workflow Engine allows you to build complex payment automation. Our intuitive interface means any team member can build or edit your payment strategy.

  • Intelligently route payments

    Build workflows that optimize transaction routing based on country, currency, time of day and more.

  • Never miss a payment

    Create workflows to reroute transactions due to downtime.

  • Trigger optimal payment methods

    Design workflows to offer specific payment methods based on day of week, time of day, location and more. Gr4vy Embed then automatically updates your checkout page based on your workflow criteria.


Unlock the value of your PCI1 Certified Gr4vy Vault.

Move fluidly across your current and future payment service providers, storing and securing your customer payment details in your PCI1 Certified compliant Gr4vy Vault.


Centralize transaction reports.

Gr4vy offers a single hub for monitoring and managing consolidated transaction reports across all your service providers.