Version: 1.1.0

Magento Backend

Payment information#

Gr4vy transaction information can be found in the order edit page in the Magento admin by going to:

Sales > Orders > [Select Order]

Information such as transaction id, transaction status, amount of transaction, currency etc are presented in the Payment Information section:


Capture payment online#

The admin user can capture an Authorized transaction by creating a new invoice for the order.

To do this, go to:

Sales > Orders > [Select Order] and click the Invoice link

Select the Capture Online option under the Amount heading.

Finally, click the [Submit Invoice] button to capture the payment.

Capture Online

Capture Online is not available if the Gr4vy Payment Action configuration is set to Authorize and Capture

Capture Online

Refund payment#

To perform an online refund, go to the edit page of the invoice you want to refund, via either of these routes:

Sales > Invoices > [Select Invoice] and click on the [Credit Memo] button

Sales > Orders > [Select Order], click on the Invoices tab, [Select Invoice] and finally, click on the [Credit Memo] button

On the refund page, there are two action buttons available:

  1. [Refund Offline] - This option won’t trigger a refund transaction in Gr4vy, only in Magento

  2. [Refund] - This option will instruct Gr4vy to refund the captured transaction amount to the customer’s account


Order comments history#

Transaction information is appended to the order comments history section within the order view page whenever a customer submits a transaction, or when an admin user performs a payment capture or a transaction refund request.

There are four types of transactional information, see examples below:

  1. Authorization message from Magento
  2. Authorization message from Gr4vy, with transaction ID
  3. Capture message from Gr4vy
  4. Refund message from Gr4vy

Order Comments