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3-D Secure

Gr4vy has a Universal 3-D Secure solution that provides merchants with a flexible way to integrate 3-D Secure with various levels of complexity. Universal 3-D Secure will automatically handle the device fingerprinting, redirecting the buyer, as well as handling the different 3-D Secure nuances between the different payment services.

There are currently 3 ways to integrate 3-D Secure.

  • Gr4vy Embed will automatically detect 3-D Secure for a transaction and handle all the user interaction to complete the transaction.
  • Hosted 3-D Secure offers 3-D Secure via our API, allowing you to capture your own card data but then rely on Gr4vy's hosted 3-D Secure to handle the user interaction.
  • External 3-D Secure data can be passed to Gr4vy if you want to create your own card checkout experience including your own 3-D Secure integration.
PCI Compliance

Only Gr4vy Embed provides a fully PCI compliant solution. The other 2 integrations would require you to go through your own PCI certification.