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Version: 1.0.0

Payment methods

In Gr4vy, a payment method represents the payment instrument used by your customer. At the moment we only support card and a PayPal as payment methods but more are coming soon.

Payment methods can be used one-off to create a transaction, or a payment method can be stored in Gr4vy's vault for future use.


The payment method API can be used to:

  • List all the vaulted (tokenized) payment methods for all buyers.
  • Vault (also known as tokenize) a payment method so that it can be used in the future without involving the customer.
  • Request previously used and vaulted payment methods for a specific buyer.
  • Determine the available payment method for a buyer, currency, and country.
Gr4vy Embed

There is no need to use these APIs directly if you are using our JavaScript SDK. Gr4vy Embed automatically stores eligible payment methods against these APIs and can even bind them to a buyer you've previously created.