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Version: 1.0.0


Gr4vy ships with 3 built-in environments:

  • production - The default environment intended for use within your live application.
  • staging - An additional environment intended for use within your test or quality assurance systems.
  • development - The final environment intended for use by developers testing their transactions.

You can use these environments to test payment services, card rules, and other settings in 1 environment, before migrating them to another.

Why environments?

Environments are an essential part of any development process. Your developer might run your application on their development machine, and to try and test the Gr4vy integration they will want to try and create some payments. To stop your Gr4vy dashboard from being populated with lots of dummy data it would be best for the developer to create their test transactions against the development environment instead.

Similarly, as part of your process you might deploy your application to a QA or testing environment where you run either automated or manual tests against the API. To stop this from interfering with your development or live environments you could set these tests to run against the staging environment.

Environments vs Credential Mode

A Gr4vy environment does not determine if a transaction is run against the payment processor's sandbox environment or not. All the Gr4vy environment does is determine the environment within Gr4vy in which a resource is created or retrieved. The actual mode (sandbox vs live) that is used to connect to the payment service is called the credentials mode.

Default production environment

The default environment for any API call is the production environment. This means that if you make an API call to get the list of buyers or payment methods the API will return the list of buyers and payment methods that were created in the production environment. Similarly, if you were to create a transaction it will be processed by the payment services in the production environment.

Payment services and environments

When a payment service is configured it's normally only available in the production environment. It can be set to be available in the other environments as well.

Payment service environment configurationPayment service environment configuration

Switching environment

To allow changing of the environment, some of the API endpoints support passing in an environment parameter to either retrieve or create items in a certain environment. For example, the POST /transactions endpoint allows a transaction to be created with payment services configured in any environment.

curl -i -X POST "https://api.{gr4vyId}" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer [JWT_TOKEN]" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
"amount": 1299,
"currency": "USD",
"intent": "capture",
"environment": "development",
"payment_method": {
"method": "card",
"number": "4111111111111111",
"expiration_date": "11/25",
"security_code": "123"

Check the API reference for more details.