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Version: 1.0.0



Embed can be configured to use a different language using the locale property. By default, this will be set to en (English). Embed accepts a ISO 639-1 Language Code (e.g. en or fr) and an optional ISO 3166 Country Code (e.g. GB or NL). The country code allows us to provide a localized version of the language based on a specific country, e.g. fr-CA would represent Canadian French.


The locale can be set to any of the supported Locales. The locale property will fall back to English if a locale is not provided, is incorrect or not supported.

Note: Embed currently does not automatically detect the buyer's locale. The locale will always be set to en when not provided.

<Gr4vyEmbed currency="GBP" amount="2300" locale="en-GB" />

Supported Locales

We currently support the following locales.

Locale NameLanguage Code (ISO 639-1)Country Code (ISO 3166)Locale
American EnglishenUSen-US
British EnglishenGBen-GB
Brazilian PortugueseptBRpt-BR